Roy Evans

4th Fighter Group 07/28/1943



Intelligence Combat Report


Pilot:  Capt. Roy Evans


(a)  28 July, 1943.

(b)  335 Squadron

(c)  P-47 D-1RE

(d)  1155 hours

(e)  15 miles W/O Arnheim

(f)  Hazy with 2-3/10 cloud

(g)  Four

(h) FW 190 .. Me 109

(i)  26,000 feet

(j)  One Me 109 Destroyed

One FW 190 Damaged

(k)  Nil

(l)  Nil

(m)  Nil

(n)  Statement of Claim:

On July 28, 1943, at 1210 hours, I was flying as Blue Leader of 335 Squadron about 15 miles West of Arnheim, Holland, approaching our bombers from the rear when saw two FW 190’s flying west and approaching to attack the bombers from the rear and out of the sun.  I reported that I was coming down and started to dive.  The FW 190’s turned into my attack and I got about a second burst into each one without result.  I pulled up and started back toward the bombers when two Me 109’s came in to attack them again from the rear out of the sun.  I got behind them when the number two enemy plane pulled away and ran.  I got into line astern position on the number one man, and gave him a short burst with no result.  I closed to within 75 to 100 yards and fired a second burst and saw glycol start to spurt out and a lot of pieces fly off the wing and the right radiator.  I gave a little left rudder and eased back on the stick and saw a lot more parts fly off and the plane seemed to blow up in a cloud of smoke.  I had to pull away to keep from ramming him and blacked out.  When I came to, two FW 190’s flew across in front of me and I gave the last a full deflection shot with about a one-half second burst and saw a piece fly off.  I don’t know what it was, but it seemed to come from the vicinity of the cockpit.

I claim one Me 109 Destroyed and 1 FW 190 Damaged.



Captain, Air Corps



Name                                                                                    Aircraft                                                                                                 Ammunition Used

Capt. Roy W. Evans                                                         WD - E                                                                                                   1265 Rnds  .50 Cal  A.P.I.

                                                                                                42-7863                                                                                                (Six Guns Firing)




Combat Report by Roy Evans of the 4th Fighter Group

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