Duane Beeson

4th Fighter Group 07/28/1943


Intelligence Combat Report


Pilot:  1st Lt. Duane W. Beeson


a)  28 July, 1943

b)  334 Squadron

c)  P-47D

d)  1210-1220

e)  30 Miles east of Rotterdam

f)  Moderate haze below 20,000

g)  Two singles

h) Me 109’s and FW 190’s

i)  21,000 down to 15,000

j)  1 Me-109 Destroyed

1 FW 190 Damaged

k)  Nil

l)  Nil

m)  Nil

n)  Statement of Claim:

I was flying Blue No. 3 position as we came up, about 30 miles east of Rotterdam, behind the bombers and saw them being attacked.  Blue Section started down to engage E/A at 2 o’clock when I saw a single Me 109 attacking our section from 9 o’clock.  I broke left, got on his tail and started firing at 200 yds closing to 75 yds.  I saw many strikes, his port wing-tip flew off and then there was an explosion just in front of his cockpit, when he lurched violently and went down smoking.  During this action, Lt Mills, leading remainder of Blue Section, and Lt. Care leading Green Section, circled above and gave excellent cover.  While climbing back to rejoin them, a FW 190 got on my tail and Lt. Care closed up behind and opened fire.  There were many strikes and the pilot bailed out.  Shortly after this, I sighted a FW 190 about 3000 feet below, heading for the bombers, and positioning myself in the sun, went down after him, when he turned diving inland.  I gave three 2 seconds bursts at 800 yards and saw strikes on port wing, then broke away and dived for home, crossing out just north of Schouwen Island.  Landed Bradwell Bay 1240 hours. 

I claim one Me 109 Destroyed and 1 FW 190 Damaged.


1st Lt., Air Corps



Name                                                                                    Aircraft                                                                                                 Ammunition Used

1st Lt. D.W. Beeson                                                          QP-B                                                                                                      920 Rnds  .50 Cal  A.P.I.





Combat Report by Duane Beeson of the 4th Fighter Group

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